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Jenks Trojans
Sports Medicine & Athletic Training
“Where Sports and Medicine meet”
Jenks High School Head Athletic Trainer
Herbert C. Rhea A.T.C.
Physical Education Department 
Phone Number: 299-4415 ext. 2338 
Jenks Sports Medicine 
Each year more than 800 student-athletes at Jenks High School participate in interscholastic athletics. Injuries and illness are a fact of life and can determine the success and failure of our athletic teams. The Trojan Sports Medicine program is charged with trying to reduce the likelihood of injury and with dealing with those injuries and illnesses when they do occur. The Trojan Sports Medicine program is a full-service program offering numerous services to our student athletes including recognition, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries, taping, medical referral and counseling.
Established in 1994, under the Leadership of Director of Sports Medicine and Head Athletic Trainer, Herb Rhea, ATC, the Sports Medicine Program has grown from a tiny training room facility into a 3,000 foot state of the art facility with a hydroworx rehabilitation pool.  Jenks students, athletes and patrons receive physical therapy treatment during the morning hours by St. Francis Hospital Outpatient Physical therapy.  Jenks athletes receive medical care that is comparable to that which is found in most NCAA Division 1 colleges and universities.
Trojan athletes are cared for by our Certified Athletic Trainers (ATC) and Athletic Training Students we are proud to have the help of our team physicians, since 1995, from Central State Orthopedic Specialist:  Dr. Jeff Fox Shoulder/Knee Specialist and Dr. Randy Hendricks, Spine Specialist, Dr. Bryan Hawkins Foot Specialist.  Ronda Harrison, PT/ATC provides expertise in the area of Rehabilitation.   With the support of Central States Orthopedics, Jenks Administration, Jenks Athletic Department, Coaches and athletes, the Athletic Training program of Jenks High School is recognized as one of Oklahoma’s finest.
Each year more than 3,000 visits are recorded in the Trojan Athletic Training room.    Athletes, students and school personnel visit the Athletic Training room for a variety of  reasons from minor to serious.  On average, the Trojan Sports Medicine program provides more than $75,000 worth of free medical care to the Jenks Public School students, athletes and school personnel in a typical school year.
We are proud to have had Mr. Rhea selected to represent the East All-State Team as the Adult Athletic Trainer in 1998. Seven of our senior Student athletic Training assistants have been named Oklahoma All-State and be able to work with Oklahoma’s best Athletes in the Oklahoma All-State Games. 
It is the mission of the Trojan sports Medicine Program to continually strive towards providing the best possible health care for our student-athletes at Jenks Public Schools.  We are striving to improve upon the knowledge currently available in the field of Sports Medicine and Athletic Training.

Training Room
R.L. Sharp Center
2nd Floor
Morning Therapy
7:00-7:50 am
Afternoon Therapy
1:30 to 3:30 pm 
*Afternoon hours subject
to change per practice
and event schedules

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