2014 Trojan Moms Club
Robin Burch - Director
Jeannette Nazarian - Assistant Director
2014 Team Dinner Schedule
Jenks Trojan Mom's Club has created a website to share information about Mom's Club activities. The site has a calendar that will be updated as more information becomes available. You will receive automatic reminders prior to events. You will be able to post, share, and order pictures as well. We would like for you to be a member of the site.  If you are interested in having access to the website, please email Jeannette Nazarian.  Please include your name, player name and grade.
2014 Trojan Moms
Spirit Wear

2014 Trojan Moms Club Officers and Sons

2014 Trojan Moms Club Seniors and Sons
Jenks Trojans Football Booster Club
2013 Football for Trojan Moms School

Shea Taber & Donna Thompson
2013 Trojan Moms Club
Donna Thompson - Director
Shea Taber - Assistant Director
2013 Team Dinner Schedule
2013 Trojan Moms
Spirit Wear

2013 Moms Club Spirit Wear

2013 Moms Club Officers and Sons
2013 Annual Trojan Moms
Spring Tailgate

2012 Trojan Mom's Club Annual Tea
Trojan Moms support the Trojan football players
Photos courtesy of Eddy Prince

Football for Moms Photos

2011 Trojan Moms
Mom's Club Leaders
Henri Sabin and Debbie Crump
Team Dinner Moms
Donna Collins and Amie Farris

2011 Trojan Football Moms
Spring Tea

2011 Trojan Moms Homecoming Parade Float

2010 Trojan Moms
Be involved in one of the most exciting and rewarding support activities of the season.
For additional information please contact:

Memory Quilt Information

2010 Trojan Moms Annual Tea Party

2010 Trojan Moms T-Shirts
Contact Susan Kollmorgen or Lindy Risenhoover for additional information
2009 Trojan Moms
"Band of Mothers" 
2009 Leaders: Rhonda Graham & Roberta Haus

2009 Trojan Moms Homecoming Parade

2009 Senior Retreat Moms

2008 Moms Club Leadership Cara Hathaway and Kim Williams

2007 Trojan Moms

2007 Trojan Moms Owasso pre-game Channel 8 interview

Trojan Mom's 2007 Summer T-Shirt

2007 Trojan Mom's Club Kickoff Meeting

Seniors assist the 2007 Moms Club Kickoff Tea Party




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