October 2, 2009
Parents and Booster Club Members:
During the past approximately eight weeks, Attorney Doug Mann, at the request of the Jenks School District, has conducted an extensive investigation into the Jenks Athletic Program, specifically in the areas of compliance with recruiting and residency rules, based on the school district's membership in the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Activities Association. Mr. Mann's report has been distributed to the OSSAA and to the local media. As a result of the conclusions reached in that report, several penalties have been imposed on the employees and the district, and those penalties have also been shared with the OSSAA and the local media. While suspensions and other penalties have been imposed, no staff members have been dismissed from employment within the district.
As you know, our football program has gone through some tough situations lately, some of which I am responsible for. I need all the Jenks Trojans to unite as never before and rally behind our players and our coaches 100%. Jenks is my family, it's my community, it's where I raise my children -- I love Jenks. I am self imposing a long term suspension on myself through the remainder of the semester during which I will be completely removed from our football program. Our players come first and I want them to be able to realize their goals and dreams for this season.
It is my responsibility to ensure our football program abides by all the rules of the OSSAA and our school system and I need to be accountable for my actions completely just like I ask my players to be. This is why I feel it is best for me to take the above action immediately. Accountability is important to me and I feel comfortable in doing the right thing for our football program.
Please unite and support our players, our coaches our administration and our school board as we continue to work through this situation and strive for excellence in all we do. As parents and fans let's be shining examples of support for our children in this district and role models in facing tough challenges. Together not only will we meet this challenge, but we will ultimately improve to be better after all is said and done.
Yours in Trojan Pride:
Allan Trimble